Code for Good is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on helping nonprofit organizations, building the tech community, and providing educational opportunities.

Helping Nonprofit Organizations

Through events like Ruby for Code and Python for Good, Code for Good brings together developers, designers, project managers and folks who just like doing good to solve technology challenges for nonprofit organizations. From food banks and diaper banks to kid’s camps and advocacy organizations, Code for Good has helped dozens of nonprofits across the country.

Building the Tech Community

Code for Good provides opportunities for technologists from around the world to come together around a shared purpose. Our events allow people to work with others of differing experience levels and backgrounds to gain valuable experiences and skills. At past events we’ve had people from Australia, Europe, Canada and all around the United States. For many attendees, our events were their first opportunity to work on a team of developers, create and review pull requests and contribute to open source projects. Beyond the events themselves, many teams have stayed in touch and continued to work on projects, bringing on new collaborators and helping people make their first contributions to open source.

Providing Educational and Mentoring Opportunities

Code for Good provides educational information and mentoring opportunities for technologists of all skills levels from people just learning their first language to experienced developers. We foster a welcoming environment for beginners, with projects providing detailed instructions for getting set up and issues tagged as beginner friendly to help people begin contributing easily. For folks with more experience, you can receive instructions and guidance on leading a team, organizing a project from conception to launch and working with clients.